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Winoco Juice Extractor

RM 360.00


  • Size: 380*340*400mm
  • Voltage: 220V
  • HP: 0.5kW


  • Easy to use
  • Professional juice extractor, large capacity, high juice yield
  • Big feed mouth, easy to put in fruit and vegetables, save time and effort
  • Strong and durable motor, high speed running, low wear, low noise
  • High quality stainless steel knife net, strong and durable, effectively improve the juice yield
  • Parts handling simple, easy to clean, do not stay dead
  • Intelligent extraction system works just like a manual juicer. But with more pressure-it gently compresses the juice into broken fruit, vegetables, nuts, and greens.
  • Structure safely prevents injury whenever possible.
  • All materials that come into contact with food are free of BPA, ensuring safe use.